Can NEET be cracked in 2 Months ?

Yes, provided you have a basic understanding of the concepts and are willing to put effort into the same.

If you can find roots of any quadratic equation, know the names of different organelles in a cell. And, know that the method to find square roots by division method. Know how to write simple chemical formulae of compounds, e.t.c — it indicates that you have a basic understanding of the concepts. Which in return would give you a head start in your journey of cracking NEET.

First five months might pass faster than you anticipated and, before you realize it, the D-day might hit you like a train out of nowhere. That is why it is necessary to plan your schedule ahead of time, devise a plan and stick to it. Candidates should never forget their goal, i.e. becoming a doctor. That alone would keep them motivated and make them thrive for excellence. Just the vision of pursuing an MBBS degree and practising the same will drive you.


With only five months in hand, it is crucial that candidates do not waste much time and exactly know what to study. Medical and dental aspirants must divide the key topics and concepts and should be able to allot time to it based on the level of difficulty/importance that it holds. Candidates should be aware of the chapter-wise weightage of each topic. Cracking NEET demands a lot of dedication and great accuracy. As much as it is overriding to cover the syllabus, it is also crucial that the candidates maintain their speed and work smart.


Five months before the examination, it is expected of aspirants that they know the structure of the entire set. Candidates should be aware of the features and criteria of all the papers. The below-mentioned table will give you a better understanding of the same:



Exam Mode

            Offline (Pen and paper mode)

Duration of Examination

            3 hours

Medium of Exam

            English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, and Urdu

Type of Questions

            Multiple Choice Questions


            Physics – 45 Questions

Chemistry – 45 Questions

Biology (Botany and Zoology) – 90 Questions

Total Number of Questions

            180 Questions

Total Marks of Examination

            720 Marks

Marking Scheme

For each correct answer, candidates will be awarded 4 marks,

if an answer is wrong, then 1 mark will be deducted.


Once you have procured the right books, set your mind to crack NEET, gained a deeper understanding of the concepts, and kicked off with the preparation process, candidates must engage themselves in diligent practice. Candidates should finish the complete portion within four months and should mandatorily set aside one month to revise and practice what they have learned.

Exams like NEET are difficult because of the cut-throat competition, the stress and, and the anxiety the course throws at your way. Candidates should not lose their sanity and be patient with themselves. As much as preparing is necessary, it is also crucial that the candidates get ample rest and take care of their health. You can achieve anything just by pushing yourself a little over the edge. With a strong will, dedication, and sheer hard work, it is possible to crack NEET in 5 months.

Every student is different and, so is their perception, performance. The important thing here is, to not get demotivated and disoriented from your goals! Always keep working towards the life you once dreamt of once and, you will make it happen!



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