Desired NEET scores to get into a Government college.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) is the only way to get into government or private medical and dental colleges across the country. Irrespective of your past academic performance, if a candidate manages to pull off a decent NEET score. He/she qualifies to seek admission into a medical or dental college. Although, if a candidate seeks admission to a government medical or dental college. Then the competition is tough and only candidates with top-notch NEET scores get entry into colleges. 

The competition is indeed a hard nut to crack. But, the approximate ratio of students fighting for per seat is 25:1.

This year, a total of 15.97 lakh registered, out of which almost 13 lakh candidates appeared for the exam held at various centres. A total of 7,71,500 candidates have qualified for the NEET UG 2020 examination which held on September 13. 

In our country, as misfortunate as it sounds, students always have this misconception regarding the degree of education or the educational facility when it is associated with the term government. Nevertheless, when it comes to NEET and others like medical branches, Government colleges are the best deal and, that is because of the following:

i.The fees a candidate has to pay in a government college is nothing as compared to what private colleges and universities demand. 

ii. Private medical colleges have management quota seats, which opens the door to a possibility of unfair practices where influential people can make a certain amount of donation and get admission. On the other hand, Government medical colleges don’t have Management quota seats which strike out the possibility of seeking admission by the socio-economic status the candidates hold. Entirely based on NEET scores admissions take place. 

There are a total of 272 colleges spread across the country offering a total of 41,388 seats to be occupied in government colleges. 

NEET cut off keep changing every year depending on:

i.the difficulty of the exam in that particular year.

ii. availability of seats in government and private colleges.

iii. And last but not least, the total number of candidates appearing for the exam in that given year.

However, if a candidate wants to pursue her/his MBBS or BDS from a government college, then they should be aiming at getting a NEET score of 500+, whereas it’s 350+ for private medical colleges.

Furthermore, allocation of seats is broke into two types, i.e. All India Quota (AIQ) and State Quota. 

In all government medical colleges, 15% of seats are reserved for AIQ whereas the remaining 85% seats are for state quota.  

The percentile required to seek admission for the open category is 50 percentile and that for castes like OBC, SC, and ST it is 40 percentile. 

The expected cut off to get a decent medical government college varies every year due to the tough competition, may it be a government college or a private medical college the important thing is to set a goal and put in everything it takes to drive yourself closer to the goal every passing moment. It’s only through hard work that we can achieve what we want and not give up or get blinded along the way!

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