Difficult Chapter in Physics

Aspirants find physics on the tougher side while they are preparing for NEET. But, the toppers who cracked NEET and are studying in top medical colleges, now believe that if planned and practiced, one can crack NEET and that too with ease. 

Physics indeed is a difficult subject. But if planned and studied thoroughly, it can help the aspirants score well in NEET. With much research and data, we have categorised the important and difficult chapters of physics. Take a look: 

Category: Important & Difficult

Current Electricity 5.93%

Magnetic Effects of Current 5.19%

Waves and Sound 4.44%

Properties of Matter and Fluid Mechanics 3.70%

Laws of Thermodynamics 5.93%

Rotational Motion 6.67%

Ray Optics 7.41%

Heat Transfer 2.96%

Circular Motion 2.96%

Newton’s Laws of Motion 2.96%

Category: Not Important & Difficult

Center of Mass and Momentum Conservation (Collision) 1.48%

Experimental Physics 0.74%

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 0.00%

Electrostatics 0.00%

Oscillations (SHM) 2.22%

Motion in Two Dimension and Projectile Motion 0.00%

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