Flashcards Feature on Exampil App

After completing the entire syllabus many students don’t understand how to revise, what to revise, and where to revise. The main motto of the flashcards feature is to help you remember what you have forgotten.

Let me help you with how does this feature work on the app- All you have to start with is, select the chapter you wish to revise, start solving the first question, these questions will be MCQ-based. After answering the first question, click on show answer, Was your answer correct? If not then click on show answer again and swipe up to check the E-Notes made by the toppers to help you revise better!

You will get 3 options wherein you will be asked to choose the level of difficulty and the options will be, Easy, Medium, and Difficult. Select the level of difficulty on how you wish to revise, select a difficult question if your answer is incorrect so that you understand where you stand. Download the Exampil app now and revise in a smarter way with the help of flashcards! Along with the flashcards feature, also solve quizzes on a daily basis, solve question banks, and mock tests at regular intervals this will help you boost your scores and ace the examination!

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