The things we eat and drink o a daily basis directly or indirectly affect our mind and body. With the exam season just around the corner when you can feel the pressure building up, it becomes crucial that you keep your brain healthy. A healthy brain would be much faster and efficient than an exhausted brain. It is true, we are what we eat. Only when we feed the body with the necessary ingredients to produce energy and maintain a constant flow we would be able to focus and concentrate on the bigger picture i.e. cracking NEET. 

Listed below are eight healthy food items to boost your brain activity and, thus, boost your performance in the examination:

  • Dry fruits 

Dry fruits have a higher level of fatty acids and help in improving memory power. It helps you, sleep better and overall improve your bodily functions. 

  • Fish

         Fish is easily digestible and is loaded, with Omega-3 oils which helps you improve your brain in many ways. 

  • Coffee

Coffee helps you fight sleep and makes you feel fresh. Taking caffeine in a lesser quantity will help you fight anxiety and keep you charged up and fresh.

  • Fruits 

It is a universally known fact of how healthy fruits are for us. It not only enhances the memory power but also keeps you alert.  

  • Green Vegetables 

Leafy vegetables reduce fatigue and drowsiness and supply the consumer with rich complex carbohydrates. They are essential for the human body. 

  • Eggs

Rich in choline and proteins and helps improve memory function.

  • Green Tea

Contains antioxidants and repels mental fatigue and reduces stress. Green tea is extremely healthy in times like these where you are drowning in stress. 

  • Water

Though not food but water helps with blood flow and is needed for life to prevail. Keeping yourself hydrated is the least you could do to take care of your body and brain. 

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