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Why Choose Us

In the process of learning, the continuum of one picking up from what others know and sometimes learning from one’s own experience becomes crucial. If we narrow our concern to the success of learning process in educational institutions, the success cannot be measured as a simple parameter, we at Exampill bring to you one of the most reliable study material along with interactive webinar sessions and a light hearted way of learning and testing what you learned through a series of tests and quizzes conducted by the lateral thinking from our experts.

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NEET is one of the most difficult yet prestigious exams conducted in the country. Given the competition, it is natural for students to be under a lot of pressure and feel obnoxiously stressed. We at Exampil, aim to maximize the success rate of NEET aspirants by guiding them to the light and helping aspirants to stock up their ammo for the D day by bringing all the like-minded people under one huge online portal, allowing them to take up tests, share notes, hold discussions and make learning a little bit fun by visually rich content and engaging learning modules.

Premium Features

Analytical report to track down your daily progress and get better on it

Live all India test series to know where you stand

Freely available on Android & IOS

Study Using flashcards.

Specialized calendar to mark your daily goal & achieve within the deadline

Handwritten notes by toppers.

An ocean full of Question Bank to drown in.

Flexible payment options.

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