There is no need to join a coaching institute if you are regularly studying for the exam with confidence and focus. NEET is an exam that requires a deep understanding of every topic. Collect some top-quality study material according to the best reviews given by readers and experts.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) examination is the only way through which aspirants, willing to seek admission in various medical, dental government and, private colleges, apply. Every year the National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts NEET. It is a pen-paper based examination. NEET is one of the most difficult and prestigious exams in the country. The exam is prestigious because of the value and status the examination hold and, it is difficult because of the cutthroat competition to get into the best government/ private colleges mapped out across the country.

To crack NEET without coaching classes, candidates must plan out their next 365 days until the exam with strictness and loyalty. The following tips may help guide candidates on how to go about their course without paying a hefty sum of fees.


Candidates willing to explore the branch of medicine and admit

themselves to various dental and medical colleges across the

The country should dedicate certain hours just for studying, make it

their religion and worship it like a god only then it would be

possible for them to stand out amongst the crowd in an

examination with such tough competition. Cracking NEET 2021 is

no child’s play, only people who are willing to stick to their time

table and work for the destination with tireless efforts would be

able to walk the red carpet they dream each day. It is important

candidates devote an equal amount of time to every subject,

maintain a perfect equilibrium and prioritize information and

understanding the concept.


Study material is equally as important as anything else. Rather

then searching the entire universe, NEET 2021 candidates are

advised to find the most reliable source and stick with it. Students

should have no more than two or three different books for the

same subject because the more options they would have the

more confused it would leave them, that is why it is very-important

to pick the book that suits you the best and follow it rigorously.



This goes without saying, practice makes a man perfect, and

when it comes to NEET only practice, hard-work and dedication are the things that would get you closer to your aim. It is very crucial that students not only take out time for studying. But, also keep sufficient time to take mock tests and self-evaluate the things they lack in. They should put a finger over their weak areas and work on it accordingly to turn their weakness into a strength.


It is always a good idea to frame your notes according to your

comfort zone, by highlighting the crucial concepts and forming

your acronym which would be easy for you to recollect while

revising a particular concept. And, mapping things out in your way

rather than blindly following somebody else’s work.


While preparing for such national level examination people usually

tend to lose focus and sacrifice their sleep, as much as studying is

necessary, it is equally important to give your body some rest and

wake up fresh and give your body to heal before exhausting it with

trivial book knowledge. Only when the mind and body are fresh

you can focus your energy on studying and get things done. 

Understand each concept and revise time and time again until you remember it thoroughly. Assume it to be your god and worship it. Don’t waste time trying to jump to the complex topics instead clear the basics and move on gradually.

If you have not enrolled for any coaching classes and wish to self-study, strong dedication and will-power are what students need. You have to stay true to yourself and study for the designated hours and make no compromise in that situation. There is an N number of videos and other virtual tools available to assist you in your journey. Candidates should seek guidance from elders or other individuals who have the knowledge and experience in the field. 

DO NOT GIVE UP NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS! The journey might be tiring. But, the destination is worth the pain!  

Talk to experts and try seeking help as much as possible, keep chasing a topic until you don’t get it straightened out.

Do not let panic drive you! In tough times like these, it’s crucial you don’t lose your calm and focus!

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