How to get back to studies after taking a break

The first most important thing you need to do before getting back to studies know about the syllabus, How much is left? How much have you studied? How many hours do you need to study? After analyzing all of this, make a timetable for yourself, divide the portion in the next 3 months and keep the last month for mock tests, revision, and improvement of your score. 

Do not make a timetable that you won’t follow keep it realistic, for the start an easy timetable will work. Eventually, the number of hours should increase, for the start keep it 4 hours, after a  week make it 6 hours and so on.

Divide the syllabus by the number of days, a total of 98 chapters to be divided in the next 4 months along with various tests and revisions. Keep revising with the help of flashcards and by giving various quizzes on the Exampil app. Start solving chapter-wise question banks on a daily basis. 

With only 4 months left for NEET, you can start and give your best and ace the examination, do not give up because, “Better late than never.” So work hard and take advantage of all the facilities available for you under just 1 app. Download the Exampil app now and get access to over 40000+ questions, handwritten notes, question banks, etc.

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