How to score more than the previous Neet exams

NEET Exam is on the minds of medical aspirants across the country. If you are one of those aspirants, you must be wondering what is the best and the most effective way, to beat this exam, and get into one of the top medical colleges in the country. Moreover, score more than previous NEET exams. 

As is the case with many competitive exams, NEET may sound and look intimidating and difficult to crack but it is not impossible. With smart planning and the right understanding, NEET can be cracked and the aspirant can be well on their way to the dream college!

NEET syllabus has 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As per data, Biology is the easiest and most scoring for most of the students. Physics and Chemistry each carry 180 marks and looks a little difficult to many students. 

If an aspirant has already given NEET exam in the previous year and wants to score more, they sure can! If the student has monitored and followed the exam patterns in the previous years. They will be more prepared as there will be a sense of confidence in the students as they will be more aware and prepared. 

From the perspective of scores, students have to be well-aware of the syllabus of NEET. The familiarity with the syllabus comes in only when one has thoroughly read it. Students must read NCERT books. 

At Exampil, you get handwritten and advanced notes written by the toppers. These notes are the best picks from all the books that the toppers referred to before their NEET exams. 

Revision is the key to success in any competitive exam. The more students revise their chapters and go through the syllabus, the better is their scope of scoring more in NEET. 

If an aspirant wants to score more than the previous year in NEET, they must keep a tab on previous years paper and patterns, closely. It is always advisable to solve the previous year Qs to get a hold of the types and varieties of questions that can be asked in the final NEET exams. 

Then comes in Mockk test, which let your practice minutely for your NEET exam. Mock tests are designed and curated in a way that the aspirants’ practice and score more in the actual NEET exam. Mock tests have the set-up like actual exams with the time limit and score sheet. Hence it is quite important to give mock tests before NEET to score well in the exams. 

For Chemistry and Physics, it is said that one must focus and learn the formulas. It is crucial to revise those formulas each day with a proper timetable. It helps the aspirants not to forget what they studied earlier, rather will help to polish the knowledge, by adding more information. 

It is advisable to solve 5-10 years old question papers from questions banks. 

Exampil brings you the best of everything you require to score well and better in NEET. 

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