If you aspire to pursue your clinical journey in one of the prestigious AIIMS institutions across the country, you have to crack the entrance and prove you are worthy enough. 

Candidates must be familiar with the respective syllabus of their 11th and 12th class Chemistry. If the basics are clear and the foundation is strong, candidates can crack the entrance with a little brushing up of the concepts.  

This goes not only for Chemistry, not only for AIIMS but for any competitive examination that candidates take. The understanding of concepts alone won’t help you crack entrance examinations. A lot of practice is needed to boost your confidence, increase your efficiency, and overall prepare you to crack competitive exams. 

To crack AIIMS Chemistry, 

Candidates should be thorough with the NCERT textbooks.

Work on your weak areas. 

Take multiple mock tests.

Make your own notes, that might come handy anytime. 

Know your memorizing pattern and work in that direction for better results. 

Mock tests are a great way to track your progress. Mock tests act as an eye-opener. They make candidates realize what they lack and shed some light on their weak areas.  Mock tests boost your self-confidence and increase your pace and efficiency while taking the exam.

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