Important topics to learn for NEET.

Clearing Competitive exams is the only way to gain attractive job offers in the upcoming future. Cracking these exams may be difficult but definitely not impossible. The most important aspects while preparing for any competitive exam is, Time management, if you manage your time properly along with extra-curricular activities you will surely ace the examination, another important aspect is Organising your schedule, you should know how many hours you need to devote for studies, and making sure that you do smart study, focus on the chapters which are very important from the examination perspective.

So here are some important concepts you need to know before appearing for the NEET 2021 exam which are full of different strategies, some basic strategies like an interlink between two chapters for example in Physics you must have noticed that there are some chapters which are connected in some or the other way, when you are studying Electrostatic, try memorising Gravitation. This will not only help you learn things faster but will also help you remember it for a long term. 

It is obvious that all the topics are important for the NEET examination but not equally. If you look at the papers of the past few years you will notice that some chapters demand more weightage and demand more attention while some have a less demand with less weightage. You need to identify those chapters and accordingly start preparing for the test. This will boost your performance and give you an idea on which topics you need to work hard.

NEET 2021 is just a few months away,so its better to start preparing now rather than rushing during the last moment, competitive exams like NEET require a lot of practice and planning along with some strategies to score more and get the best possible rank.The time that you have got to prepare should be utilised in the best possible way, prepare a schedule and priorities the most important chapters, work hard on them and get through with it. While preparing  your study plan it is extremely important to keep in mind about the time left in your hands to prepare, so you need to keep your goals realistic. You can’t study all the chapters in depth. According to the NEET exam pattern divide your time and effort smartly.With the help of an app prepared by the toppers of previous years, Exampil. 

The biggest distraction for students who are preparing for these exams is the smartphones, you spend hours on social media sites and do not even realise where did the time go, but between a  pandemic which has developed a strong fear in the minds of the people all around the world we are here with an app where you can use your smartphone not like a distraction but like a study material that will help you improve your score before the exam. Download the Exampil App and make the best use of your smartphone.

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