Mnemonic for NEET biology

Biology is a very important subject and aspirants should pay attention to the subject keenly if they want to clear NEET with good marks and grab a seat in a good college of their choice. 

1. Essential Amino Acids

Any Help In Learning These Little Molecules Proves Truly Valuable

A — Arginine

H — Histidine

I — Isoleucine

L — Leucine

T — Threonine

L — Lysine

M — Methionine

P — Phenylalanine

T — Tryptophan

V — Valine

2. Vitamin Table

Tanya and Riya Now are Professors Because Father Cheered

T — Thiamine (vit. b1)

R — Riboflavin (vit. b2)

N — Niacin (vit. b3)

P — Pyridoxine (vit. b5)

B — Biotin (vit. b7)

F — Folic acid (vit. b10)

C — Cyanocobalamin (vit. b12)

3. Taxonomic Order

Dear King Phillip Come Over For Good Soup

D — Domain

K -Kingdom

P — Phylum

C — Class

O — Order

F — Family

G — Genus

S — Species

4. Human Genetic Disorders

Alka Sick Thi Phenyl Pine Ce

Alka- Alkaptonuria

Sick-Sickle Cell Anaemia



C-Cystic Fibrosis

5. Types of WBC (White Blood Cells)

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N — Neutrophils (60%)

L — Lymphocytes (30%)

M — Monocytes (6%)

E — Eosinophils (3%)

B — Basophils (1%)

6. Phases of Mitosis

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I — Interphase

P — Prophase

M — Metaphase

T — Telophase

7. Stages of Embryonic Development

Zikes! Martin Is A Big Giant Nerd!

Zikes- Zygote

Martin Is A- Morula

Big- Blastula

Giant- Gastrula

Nerd- Neurla

8. Parts of Male Reproductive System


S — Seminiferous tubule

E — Epididymis

V — Vas deferens

E — Ejaculatory duct

U — Urethra

P — Penis

Above mentioned is one of the examples of how Mnemonic for NEET biology can be prepared and remembered. 

One can always make different types of Mnemonics which can be flashy enough to by heart. 

Tips for making Mnemonics worth: 

Selection of topic.

Picking the right letter. 

Using the first letter because it helps to memorise quickly

Repeat and Revise

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