Steps to boost neet preparation

As per the data, Every year, over 14 – 16 lakh students appear for NEET  for nearly 1.63 lakh seats in different medical and dental colleges across India. This data shows that cracking NEET is not a cakewalk for the aspirants. 

As the exam will tentatively be conducted in May 2021, it is about time that the candidates start strategizing on what steps they should take to boost the NEET preparation. 

To get a seat in one of the top medical colleges, students need to be well prepared and organised before exams. 

Here are a few simple yet mandatory steps that the students must follow: 

  1. Creating A Timetable: It is crucial to maintain a routine when it comes to studies. Aspirants must formulate a realistic timetable, to follow each day. To crack NEET, aspirants must have a goal or target to achieve by the end of each day and that can happen only when there is a set timetable to follow. While you are creating a timetable, it is important to know your weak and strong points so that you can divide and give time to each subject, accordingly. Do not create a timetable that is not achievable. For instance, you say that you will study for 22 hours a day. That will be unrealistic and impractical. Hence set goals and targets to achieve in your timetable. Once you follow a timetable religiously, there is no looking back because you will be close to finishing your targets sooner than ever. 
  1. Preparation Pattern: There should be a thorough reading and understanding of your subjects and chapters in each book. As per NEET, aspirants should always focus on standard NCERT books for NEET preparation. While they are at it, i.e, reading, students must jot down and highlight the crucial notes and formulas. After aspirants finish reading, they must list down the chapters based on priority. For the dream medical college, aspirants must not leave any topic. Anything can come in the paper. Being prepared is better than sorry. For a compilation of everything in their studies, students must visit ‘Exampil’ as it is a one-stop for your NEET queries. 
  1. Practice Makes A Man Perfect: It is easy to forget what you read. Especially if there is so much to read. Swamped with such vast topics to read, it is always advisable that the Aspirants read up and practice every bit regularly. It is advisable to solve the question papers to know when one stands. After reading, one can decide their weak points and strong points. Having that in mind, one can focus on the topics accordingly. 
  1. Mock Tests: It is a crucial part for aspirants to take mock tests before the actual exams. After being tested, aspirants can look at what they scored after they finish the mock test. It also helps in clearly focusing on the weaker points of the aspirants. The more one gives mock tests, the better they practise. Students should keep on practising before the actual exams. 

In the end, we suggest that aspirants should have a relaxed yet focused mind and should revise, regularly. 

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