Stress is your body’s response to a situation if it is good or bad for you. Whenever we go through changes that our bodies haven’t adapted to, we feel stressed out. Many things contribute to our shooting stress levels. Students take stress during exam time because of the immense pressure on them, the constant need to “prove” themselves to others, and the competition, that exists. Stress triggers due to negligence and over-confidence. Overconfident people often suffer the consequences because they lack preparation. 

While stress can be a crucial factor in decelerating your growth and slowing down the whole process of studying. One of the most effective ways to tackle stress is to be calm and lack nothing in your preparation. Stress indeed slows you down but, at the same time, if you follow your dreams with passion, no obstacle can knock you over, no mountain would be high to climb. When individuals chase something with passion, an eternal flame ignites in them, which does not go out no matter how chaotic things get. Candidates would make it a priority that they leave no stone unturned and be prepared before the D-day. 

Stress for some people might seem like a summit they can’t climb. But against all the odds, you have to learn how to manage it and not let it tamper with your mental peace. 

Four ways to manage stress:

  • Exercise regularly 
  • Eat healthily
  • Sleep well
  • Talk to your loved ones 

During exams, it is crucial, you do not lose your sanity and handle things as calmly as possible while not losing focus on the preparation. 

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