Tips and techniques to amplify physics score

Among the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Physics is a threat to most of the students. Even before attempting the physics questions, students tend to falter in this section of NEET. 

Below are a few basic tips and techniques to amplify physics score: 

Understanding Basics & Concepts:

 Aspirants must be well aware of the basics and concepts in physics otherwise it gets difficult after a point. If the basics are not clear students should revise and study their 11th and 12th textbook of physics to clear the concepts. 

Learning Formulas:

 All the numerical in physics are based on formulas. One cannot skip learning the formula if they want to score well in the subject. Hence always make notes of the formulas and remember them. 

Solving Numerical: 

One can mint total marks if they solve the numerical right. But getting a good score in numerical needs a lot of practice. That confidence and correctness with numerical will come up only when one solves it more and more. Hence it is advisable to solve numericals of different patterns to score well in physics. 

Solving previous years Qs and mock tests

There are so many questions that are taken from the previous year questions. Some questions are just the same as the previous years’ questions. Aspirants must solve the previous year’s questions to get a tab of everything. 

Thorough Revision:

No matter how many books you referred to, how quickly you finished the syllabus, it will all go to waste. If you don’t practice it, revise it. The key to success in terms of memorising anything is revision. Aspirants must read and revise as much as possible. 

Once there is a regularity in following the tasks, above mentioned in physics. There is a big chance that students will ace up in their physics section. 

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