• Research and study previous year’s papers. Educate yourself with the NEET earlier years papers. It will help you in deciding which subjects are to be focused on more. 
  • Remain focused and persistent towards your dreams. You need 
  • Continuously encircle yourself with energy. Never let negative vibes divert and demotivate you. 
  • At whatever point you feel demotivated, watch examples of overcoming adversity of the clinchers. Study about the patter of examiner so you can be concise with their perspective to crack NEET. 
  • Give equal attention to all three subjects. Divide your time accordingly to work on all of them. 
  • Get your questions explained in advance. Don’t start over new topics on the last days.
  • Practice MCQs every day so, you don’t use up all available time in tests. 
  • Try not to submit your past errors instead of that gain from it. Be careful with negative marking.
  • Keep a genuine timetable of study. You need to follow the in-depth pattern of examining, right around 7–8 hrs every day and another 3-4 hours to revise what you studied the entire day. 
  • Recall karma consistently favours the bold. So karma needs to come to you on the off chance that you are buckling down. 

More importantly, just because you failed once do not get demotivated and altogether give up on your MBBS dream. Constructively perceive failure, work on your weak areas, and make them your greatest strength. Inculcate the skills you lack and step-by-step climb the ladder of success. It is through failure that we learn and get a chance to ace our past mistakes.

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