Tips to remember examples in biology

Biology is a subject full of various examples, here are some tips that will help you remember various examples easily and make sure they stick in your head for a long period of time.

Make Mnuemonics, Mnemonics:- This is the term which is used to shorten the biological terms and make a sensible thought that you can remind easily in the easy-going language, this is available on almost every topic of biology on the internet and you can access and get it from there. You can even make your own mnemonics in your easy language which you often use in conversation or easily rememberable.

Convert words to pictures, Use pictorial storage to remember the examples. Illustrating a particular example like a picture and storing it in your head will make it easy for you to memories it and remember it for a longer period of time.

Use memory spots, Think of physical places that you regularly occupy—your car, your desk, your recliner and mentally put the picture from tip one (your proposal on the alarm clock) in one of those spots. Committing something to memory and mentally placing it where you’ll see it is the equivalent of putting a note on the front door so you’ll see it when you leave for work in the morning. As you continue to use this technique, you’ll become accustomed to checking with yourself.

Hope these tips help you to memorize your concepts and examples clearly with the help of our app, Exampil a platform made by toppers to help you become a topper. 

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