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Neet 2021 is being held on 1st August 2021. Cracking the Neet examinations has never been easy and amidst the pandemic, it has made it even worse. With the exams nearing within a period of almost 4 months, here is a list of things which you should avoid along with some basic mistakes you make during the exam, as correctly said mistakes are the stepping stone to success, to make sure that there’s nothing stopping you to reach your goal, we are here with a list of things that you need to make sure you avoid while you are appearing for the examination.

As NEET is a National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam to get admissions in government and private medical colleges all over India and abroad is making it one of the most difficult competitive exams of the country. The NEET examination has about 45 questions on physics and chemistry each,and 90 questions of biology.So a total of 180 questions in 180 minutes. That means 1 question per minute.

Physics being the most difficult subject, let’s take a review on what issues students fail and score less, according to the studies, candidates saw the lowest average score in this subject. The most difficult topic where the candidate lost majority marks was “Motion in one dimension”, around  46.9% of the total test takers marked the wrong answers.With the concept videos and handwritten notes provided on the Exampil app it becomes easier for the students to memorize the chapter easily. 

The report of Chemistry states that it was the subject with the highest average score but candidates were finding it difficult  to solve numericals and learn different properties. Studies say that around 45.6% candidates found the chapter, “Solutions and colligative properties” to be difficult and gave the wrong answers. For this you need to practise more and learn all the formulas by writing them down without looking in the book, this will help you learn faster and remember it for a long period of time.

Biology being the section with maximum number of questions,it is important for students to focus more on this section. In this section, two plant-based topics test NEET aspirants the most. The Chapter,”Respiration in plants” is one of the difficult chapters and an estimation of 38.6% students fail to answer these questions correctly.

With the App named Exampil, you can easily learn all these difficult chapters in a much easier way with the help of handwritten notes prepared by our toppers, conceptual videos, flashcards, quiz up, and an analysis report on a daily basis to improve your performance. Get yourself this application to improve your scores. 

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