What if I forget everything at the beginning of the exam?

The major reason why students forget the answers before any examination is because of the stress and anxiety they are dealing with exams, this hinders the remembrance and retaining ability of previously learned information from the students. 

When you cannot remember a particular answer during the examination, do not panic, follow the test-taking strategy, since NEET is an MCQ-based paper you can easily shift from one question to another. Skip the question for the time being if you don’t know the answer, skip and start with the next question, come back to this question at the end. 

Make sure that just because you don’t know 1 answer, you should not waste much time on that and move ahead. Do not panic, you did not yet lose anything, you can still ace the examination- just understand that you know the answer, but you don’t remember it at that very moment.

Drink water, calm yourself down. Always remember that if your concepts are clear and you are sure about your basics, then you will surely remember the answers. Try recollecting everything you revised before the examination and you will surely remember the answer.

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