Why giving mock tests is important?

When you prepare for any exam, giving mock tests is very important. Be it a sectional mock test or a full syllabus mock test, these tests help you to understand where you stand and in which areas you need to work hard on. 

Analyzing a test after solving is very important, you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses, after analyzing you get to know if you need to study a particular chapter again or no. For instance, if you know a particular chapter well then you don’t need to waste your time again on the same chapter, rather you should focus on the chapters you are weak at. This will surely improve your scores and help you score better.

Giving mock tests is important because it includes practice, and as the saying states, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. So if you want to score a 650+ and get a 99%ile in NEET, you need to practice through mock tests.

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